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Macbook Pro & Netgear wnr834b
1 min read

Macbook Pro & Netgear wnr834b

I decided to take advantage of the wireless n adapter in my macbook so I purchased a Netgear WNR834B from a local retail store. The Mabook Pro seems to have issues with the Netgear wireless router it will make a connection (ie show its connected) when coming out of sleep mode but it will not connect to the internet. Everything gets assigned but the route on the OS side.

After I made these two changes on the router things improved.
1. LAN IP Setup – Change “Rip Direction” to “Both”
2. In Wireless Settings change the channel to something other then “auto”. I picked 10.

Now when my macbook comes out of sleep mode the wireless works and I can surf at least 8/10 times.